Niall Horan: 13 Million Twitter Followers, Poised to Become Bigger Than Harry Styles?

Will Niall Horan become the most popular member of One Direction? Will he soon leave Harry Styles in the shade?

Niall, One Direction’s only Irish member, may be its most media savvy.

The 19-year-old reached an important milestone on Tuesday when he received his 13 millionth Twitter follower.

Harry Styles, also 19, is the band’s most popular member and often the one in the tabloid crossfires. He has a bit under 15 million Twitter followers.

It doesn’t seem impossible that Niall is poised to overtake the lead, at least in the social media horse race.

And now there’s growing chatter that Niall is on his way to being bigger than Harry.

Entertainment Wise said that their analysis of Twitter showed that Niall would soon outshine Harry. In May, Harry had 13.3 million followers, while Niall had only 11.7. Now Harry has 14.8 and Niall has 13 million.

I wouldn’t interpret those numbers to mean that Niall is necessarily going to outpace Harry. To catch up and pass Harry, Niall needs to attract followers at a much faster pace — not at roughly the same pace.

One way to win more fans? Dangle the possibility that you’d date one of them.

According to Fashion & Style, Niall Horan is now completely on the outs with former girlfriend Zoe Whelan. That leaves him open to dating someone else — and F&S said Niall is perfectly willing to date a fan if she “is cute and nice.”

Hmm. There must be tons of fans who fit that description or at least think they do.

In any case, Niall’s exuberant tweets really give fans the impression that he likes them:

Do you think we’ll see a day when Niall Horan is more popular than Harry Styles?

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