Pot Activists Hand Out Free Joints In Protest Of Colorado Pot Tax

Cassie Boss - Author

Sep. 10 2013, Updated 9:47 a.m. ET

Hundreds of people lined up in Denver’s Civic Center on Monday for free marijuana that was being handed out by the “No On Proposition AA” campaign members in opposition of the new proposed Colorado pot tax.

According to NBC News, the measure on the November ballot asks Colorado voters to approve a 15 percent excise tax plus a 10 percent statewide sales tax on all retail marijuana purchases.

The “No On Proposition AA” campaign kicked off Monday, where hundreds lined up early so that they could get their free joint.

This rally wasn’t just an unorganized frenzy for free weed. Those wishing for a free joint had to provide identification proving they were 21 years or older.

The Denver Post reported that, by 11 am, the line for free joints stretched out of the park and down the sidewalk.

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“Organizers brought only 600 of the marijuana cigarettes and had to furiously roll more on the hood of a parked car.

“Police watched from a distance, staying away even when a few people lit up their joints, which is illegal in public.”

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USA Today stated that Amendment 64 allows adults 21 and older to possess up to an ounce marijuana for personal, recreational use, to grow six plants and to give up to an ounce as a gift to someone 21 or older.

The report continued on to say that consumption is regulated like alcohol, with penalties for impaired driving and other misuse.

Many showed up not only for the free joint, but also to show their support for the “No On Proposition AA” campaign, just check out this twit pic posted by 9News reporter TaRhonda Thomas:

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CNN reported Rob Corry stating the following:

“There has never been a tax on any product, or any industry that is 30 percent. Let’s tax marijuana like alcohol.”

Corry continued on to say, “This weed cannot be contained.” Meaning that if these taxes are approved, then the marijuana industry will just be driven back underground.

Organizers of this protest said it wasn’t about the weed, but about the taxes. They wanted the attention of taxpayers, and I think it’s safe to say they got it.

Will this protest help bring out the “No On Proposition AA” supports when polls open in November and when the Colorado pot tax makes its way onto the ballot? We’ll just have to wait and see.

[Image via Shutterstock/sarra22]


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