Xbone: An Accurate Name, From What Microsoft Has Shown Us [Op-Ed]

Xbone is an accurate name, from what Microsoft has shown us.

Earlier it was stated by Larry Hryb, who goes by the nickname Major Nelson, that the nickname given to the Xbox One, Xbone, is an insult to the people who worked on it, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. Well Major Nelson, we can't help it if the nickname accurately describes what we're seeing from your company.

For starters, when the Xbox One was announced with several features that gamers didn't want, including used game DRM controls and "always on" internet requirements, Microsoft practically shot themselves in the foot as gamers began migrating over to Sony's camp. We can't help it if Sony's PlayStation 4 just looked better from the start because of what Microsoft thought was the "future" of console gaming.

After a while, Microsoft did reverse those policies, but guess what? They'll be back eventually as Microsoft feels the need to prove that they were right in the first place. And why do they feel the gamers had thought twice about the DRM and "always on" internet? Because when a petition hit Change.org to bring them back, a large number of people who signed it were obviously Sony gamers looking to convince Microsoft to make themselves look like idiots again. It worked, obviously, hence Xbone is an accurate name considering what Microsoft has shown us.

Other factors involved with Microsoft's next-gen console earning the name Xbone included the nickel-and-dime policies involved with the new Xbox Live functionality. Also remember that the Xbox One costs $100 more than the PlayStation 4 and doesn't really offer much more of what gamers actually want.

Xbone Microsoft meme
Xbone Microsoft meme

Speaking of what gamers actually want, remember that Xbox One TV spot reported by The Inquisitr? That commercial didn't show off anything having to do with gaming. That's odd, isn't it? What is a commercial for a gaming console that doesn't show us anything to do with video games? That's called a waste of time.

So sorry, Major Nelson, but Xbone is an accurate name for what Microsoft has shown us.