Brett Favre gets his punishment

Brett Favre has been fined 50k for not so much his actions concerning Jenn Sterger while he was employed by the New York Jets, but more for not being truthful with the NFL and its investigation. Essentially the league does not feel that Favre was candid in his interviews with the investigation and they cannot prove that he sexually harassed Sterger. On the surface it doesn’t feel like enough of a punishment, but in all reality maybe it is.

The fine is likely the final nail in the career of Brett Favre the football player. The league is essentially calling him a liar, and it is the last of long list of things that have gone wrong in his latest comeback attempt. In essence Favre himself has flushed his reputation down the drain and a lot of people will remember the embarrassment of this final year over what he might have accomplished in his career. In my mind hat is punishment enough.

I think we can go ahead and come out and say Favre is a bad guy. Sure ESPN and John Madden will always polish this guy more that what he is worth, but in my mind we are talking about a QB who hurt his team more than he helped it. Yes I am talking about on the field as well as off. Over the last five years or so it has not been about his team, or even football, it has been all about Favre and that will hurt his reputation in the hearts and minds of many NFL fans.

In the end I think Favre is somewhere around the 10th best QB of all time, I would have a very hard time ranking him much higher than 10th given all the negatives on the field, and his DIVA act over the last few season off of it.

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