‘X-Men: Days Of Future Past’ Star Jennifer Lawrence Talks About Mystique

X-Men: Days of Future Past star Jennifer Lawrence has opened up on her role as Mystique.

For anyone who doesn’t know yet, Mystique is the blue-skinned shapeshifter who originally grew up with Charles Xavier (before he was a professor), and eventually ended up running with Magneto.

In X-Men, Mystique was played by Rebecca Romijn, naked except for a blue scaly makeup that covered her entire body. The character spent most of her time impersonating others, including Professor Xavier himself, Wolverine, Iceman, and congressional heavyweight Senator Kelly, as she did what she could to sabotage the X-Men as much as possible.

In X2, Mystique turned out to be the mother of a teleporter who called himself Nightcrawler, and the two teams of mutants eventually teamed up to take on the military mastermind William Stryker, whose plan was to use Professor Xavier’s connection to Cerebro to kill every mutant on the planet.

The third film, Mystique was shot by a dart that took away her mutant abilities, leaving her abandoned by Magneto as he refused to acknowledge her as a mutant any more.

X-Men: Days of Future Past will have Jennifer Lawrence reprise her role from X-Men: First Class as the mutants travel through time and take on a world where Sentinels hunt mutants. Mystique will be taking the same route she did in the first films, going naked in body makeup once again as she accompanies Magneto. Her story arc this time around will involve Professor Xavier as he deals with her leaving him for his rage-fueled friend.

Jennifer Lawrence commented on her role this time around in X-Men: Days of Future Past:

“I’m naked, but when I do get to wear clothes, I love the ’70s outfits. Some of the Mystique look is a little different, but we’re still using the same paint. But she’s different in this film too. She was struggling – like a lot of normal humans – with the way she looked, and she was covered up a lot in the first movie, but this time she is Mutant and proud.”

Don’t miss Jennifer Lawrence reprising her role as Mystique in X-Men: Days of Future Past when it’s due to hit theaters May 23, 2014.