Paul Greengrass Isn’t Directing Another Jason Bourne Movie

Recent rumors suggested that director Paul Greengrass and The Bourne Identity star would join forces for another installment in the franchise. However, the filmmaker says this simply isn’t the case.

Fans were pretty excited about the possibility of the acclaimed director and the award-winning actor re-teaming for another sequel. However, both parties were quick to shoot down these reports not too long ago. In other words, another Jason Bourne movie probably won’t happen anytime soon.

Just to make sure he wasn’t pulling the public’s collective leg, the folks at Empire magazine asked Paul Greengrass about the rumors. The director is currently promoting his upcoming drama Captain Phillips starring Tom Hanks.

“I have absolutely no idea. I’m not being funny. That’s just a figment of someone’s imagination,” Greengrass said.

However, the filmmaker admitted that he and Matt Damon discussed the possibility of another Jason Bourne adventure a while back. Paul Greengrass admitted that he hasn’t had a serious conversation about such a project in quite some time.

“Listen, I loved the ‘Bourne’ movies. I loved making them, but it’s like anything in life, you’ve got to move on and do different things,” the director added.

Reports surfaced late last month that the pair would team-up for another Bourne flick. The folks at Universal Pictures eventually reached out to Variety in hopes of clearing the air. According to the studio, Jason Bourne’s days on the big screen are over.

Instead of heading backwards, the franchise is moving forward with Jeremy Renner in the lead. The next installment of the series will reportedly continue the story that began in The Bourne Legacy. It’s unclear when production on the flick is scheduled to begin.

Are you disappointed that Paul Greengrass and Matt Damon won’t re-team for another Jason Bourne movie anytime soon?

[Image via Universal Pictures]