December 19, 2013
'Pokemon X and Y' Promotion Unleashes Rare Shiny Legendary Pokemon

A new Pokemon X and Y promotion will let fans download rare Shiny Legendary Pokemon.

The excitement over the upcoming Pokemon X and Y is almost so palatable you can taste it. If you think it can't get much more heated, you're wrong. A recent promotion for Pokemon X and Y, hosted by GAME stores, will give you exclusive access to some of the most valued pocket monsters you will ever see this side of Legendary MewTwo.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Legendary Pokemon are the gods of the pocket monster universe, making them extremely valuable additions to any trainer's Pokedex. What makes the rare Shiny Legendary Pokemon so special is that they can be used in Pokemon White Version and Black Version, as well as White Version 2 and Black Version 2. They look just like the original during gameplay, but they are given a special color.

Using a fully charged DS, 3DS, or 3DS XL and a copy of the above mentioned games, stop by any GAME store, enable the wireless gift, and download away. You will need the Pokedex in-game and no more than 11 Wonder Cards as you head to the Pokemon Center where the Delivery Man will give you your free gift. Remember to save your game after you receive it!

The event started August 30, releasing the Shiny Dialga until September 12, meaning you might want to get over there in the next week or so to catch the first of the rare Shiny Legendary Pokemon for Pokemon X and Y.

The Shiny Palkia will be available likewise from September 13 through September 26, and the Shiny Giratina from September 27 through October 11.

Just to clarify, these rare Shiny Legendary Pokemon will be usable in Pokemon X and Y as well as the White, White 2, Black, and Black 2 versions of the game. If you are dead set on truly catching them all, you owe it to yourself to grab these exclusive pocket monsters.

Don't miss your chance to catch the rare Shiny Legendary Pokemon for Pokemon X and Y at your local GAME store.