Joan Rivers Threatens To Sue Michael Lohan Over Plastic Surgery Remarks

Joan Rivers has threatened to sue Michael Lohan for saying that she is currently obsessed with plastic surgery. Judging from her recent comments, the comedienne isn’t messing around.

Lindsay Lohan’s dad is reportedly a little angry about the comments the Fashion Police host has made in recent months. Michael Lohan firmly believes that Rivers has no room to talk since she is currently addicted to plastic surgery and Botox.

The conflict between Joan Rivers and Lindsay Lohan’s dad took a strange turn during his chat with the folks at Radar Online. According to Michael, the comedienne has no room to talk or joke about someone who is living with addiction.

“People like Joan Rivers continue to take pokes at my daughter rather than look at themselves but she needs to consider the length of time of her addictions to needles (Botox) and cutting/self mutilation (plastic surgery) which far exceed the length of most addict’s addictions,” he said.

Michael Lohan took his criticism of Rivers one step further by commenting on the number of chemicals currently coursing through her body. Lindsay’s dad remarked that the Fashion Police host has more embalming fluid running through her veins than “most mortuaries have in inventory.”

According to the Daily Mail, Joan Rivers isn’t exactly thrilled with the things Michael Lohan said about her addiction to plastic surgery. Although she can take criticism with the best of them, Rivers isn’t above suing the guy if he continues to run off at the mouth.

“It’s a little late to become a concerned parent. As for “cutting” it is totally not true and if he ever says this again, I will sue,” she told TMZ.

While Joan Rivers hasn’t been shy about her numerous plastic surgeries, that doesn’t mean she’s going to sit idly by while Michael Lohan makes mean-spiriting remarks. What do you think about Rivers threatening to sue Lohan over his comments?

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