Fernando Rodney Stuck In Tampa Bay Rays Dugout Bathroom [Video]

Fernando Rodney got stuck in the Tampa Bay Rays dugout bathroom. Hilarity ensued.

But even though Fernando Rodney was their closing pitcher the Rays started catching up, making the Rays manager muse: “We should have kept him in there.”

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, August has been an odd month for the Tampa Bay Rays. The manager brought a live 20 foot python into the Rays clubhouse. The Rays even tried the hidden ball trick on the Dodgers.

Fernando Rodney did an even better job of hiding. So much so that he didn’t even get to play in the game at all. For about 15 minutes Fernando Rodney was stuck in the tiny dugout bathroom when the door handle became stuck:

“The door locked, I don’t know how. I’m yelling, ‘Hey unlock this, someone’s in the bathroom.’… It was hot inside, I could only hear the crowd with the game, I can’t see what’s going on…. It was weird.”

Rays manager Joe Maddon remember the day as being frustrating overall. The team has been suffering from a lack of offense, but interestingly enough Maddon considered Fernando Rodney being locked away in the toilet a highlight to his day:

“Kind of an interesting moment, kind of a fun moment. That was when we rallied.”

A whole team of stadium personnel descended on the dugout. Fernando Rodney was only rescued from his smelly prison by breaking off the bathroom door handle and prying the door open with a crowbar.

Unfortunately for the team, the Rays lost to Oakland A’s by 4 to 3. But fans of the team still remember the laughs generated by Fernando Rodney’s mishap in the bathroom.

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