Georgina Mcconnell, Teen Bodybuilder, Bullied Online For Being Too In Shape

Georgina Mcconnell, a teen bodybuilder, made news recently for her hard work and for her talent in the sport.

Now she is making news because there has been a lot of negative feedback, much of it based on her very non-traditional look and for participating in a traditionally “masculine” sport.

The New York Daily News reported on the 19-year-old and her accomplishments.

“Originally, like most girls, I wanted to be thin and toned so a lot of the things I did in the gym revolved around cardio and very light weights,” she wrote in her bio for Anabolic Designs.

“After going to the gym for a while, I started to see a lot of changes within myself and realized that I had the ability to gain muscle and change my body.”

Mcconnell first started competing in 2012, and took home second place during her first competition.

It was at that point that Georgina Mcconnell began to be labeled a talent to watch.

“My confidence was boosted (to) no end and (it) proved to me that I have talent and potential in this sport,” McConnell wrote.

“I really felt like I belonged up there and it is something that I am very passionate about.”

According to site such as Gawker and The Gloss, Mcconnell is being bullied for being a “freak.”

The comments had gotten so bad that Mcconnell put up the following message on her official Facebook fanpage:

For all the negative feedback that Mcconnell has received, she has gotten just as much positive feedback. On Tuesday Mcconnell posted a thank you post to her Facebook page, letting everyone know just how thankful she was for their support.

Georgina Mcconnell says what people enjoy doing is none of her business, so others should respect her and her decision to be a female bodybuilder.

[Image via Shutterstock/Artem Furman]