Miley Cyrus: Mika Brzezinski Doubles And Triples Down On VMA Bashing [Video]

Mika vs. Miley, the drama continues.

Someone at MTV should be fired for putting Miley Cyrus on the air at the VMAs and/or exploiting the subsequent backlash. That was Mika Brzezinski’s conclusion that she voiced on yesterday’s Today Show on NBC. On Monday morning, Brzezinski had deemed the Miley Cyrus VMA 2013 act disturbing, disgusting, and cringe-worthy.

The MSNBC anchor told Matt Lauer (who along with Star Jones seemed to be apologists for Cyrus/MTV) that “There’s pushing the envelope and there’s porn, there’s raunchy porn that’s disgusting and disturbing and seeing… a 20-year-old young woman literally in the process of her undoing and everyone clapping for it and being disturbed by it and talking about it and showing it, which I hope we don’t… Don’t show it here on my segment, please.”

Fellow panelist Dr. Nancy Snyderman was equally as outraged as Mika, asking “where are the parental guidelines, to take a child from Hannah Montana to the next stage without guidelines”?

Added Brzezinski: “Oversexualized is one thing. Is it sexual to stick your face in the back of a life-size teddy bear and stick your tongue out? We’re talking about raunch; we’re not talking about sexualization.”

On her regular Morning Joe platform, Brzezinski also kept up the pressure by denouncing the Miley Cyrus MTV VMA performance and the “morally bankrupt” producers responsible for it.

“I think there’s a couple of things going on here. First of all, I think that she’s clearly an extremely disturbed young woman. The people around her making money off her are morally bankrupt, if not worse. MTV should be ashamed of themselves. All of us in the media, we are adults, and we know right from wrong. We don’t need to cover this story, to put the video up and ask the question and hide behind the question so we can show the video and make money off of it. It’s wrong what happened. That was disgusting. It was really bad for our children. It was way over the line and everybody should say it, and no one should show it.”

The mother of two added that she went back and watched it again to make sure her criticism wasn’t too harsh. “I didn’t say enough and no one else did either,” Brzezinski concluded.

Mediaite’s Joe Concha claims that Mika is being a bit of hypocrite since she posed in a provocative way along side Joe Scarborough for a Vanity Fair article on the low-rated MSNBC show.

Mika Brzezinski’s indignant response to the Miley Cyrus VMA appearance is probably generating some additional viewership for the Morning Joe program that she co-hosts with Scarborough on a network that needs all the help it can get. That being said, do you think her Miley Cyrus criticism is well founded?