David Morrissey Cast As Lead In AMC’s ‘Line Of Sight’

David Morrissey is going to be a busy man this fall.

The 49-year-old English actor was cast in the lead in AMC’s new pilot, Line of Sight. Morrissey will play Lewis Bernt, a National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigator who survives a mysterious crash and goes on a mission to discover the cause of the accident.

The series will also star Sarah Clarke (Twilight) and Kai Lennox (Rush Hour).

Although he initially signed on for one season, Morrissey was recently promoted to series regular on The Walking Dead. He plays The Governor, the central villain in the zombie drama’s third season. The Governor is the leader of the town of Woodbury, whose survivors clash with Rick’s (Andrew Lincoln) ragtag group back at the prison.

However [spoiler alert, kind of] the Governor wasn’t really long for this world anyway. In Robert Kirkman’s comic book series, on which the show is based, the Governor is killed during a battle for the prison, which will remain the central location in season four. [end spoiler alert]

“We are huge fans of David Morrissey and are glad he’ll be doing double duty for AMC viewers through his work on The Walking Dead and our pilot for Line Of Sight, both of which are produced in Atlanta,” AMC told Deadline in a statement.

This isn’t the first time a casting has affected a character’s future on The Walking Dead. During season two, word got out that Jon Bernthal (Shane) was cast in the lead of former Walking Dead executive producer Frank Darabont’s TNT drama pilot, Mob City(called LA Noir during development). Shane was killed in the season two finale, and TNT confirmed his casting the following day. Mob City is set to premiere December 4.

While Jon Bernthal jumped ship for another network, one popular Walking Dead character has moved to another AMC series. Lennie James, who played fan favorite Morgan — who only appears in two episodes — currently stars in Low Winter Sun.

David Morrissey will film Line of Sight alongside The Walking Dead.

[Photo credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com]