Tumblr back up, finally!

After a roughly day-long outage, popular microblogging service Tumblr has returned with a sheepish apology and an assertion that an outage like yesterday/today’s is totally not okay, you guys.

Tumblr reassured fans on their Twitter account that the service was almost back up and running again, and proceeded to go silent for nine hours- equivalent to about 10 weeks in internet time. Tumblr users wept, prayed and gnashed their teeth on Twitter during the outage, and the service finally came back up early this evening.

On their blog, Tumblr says:

Yesterday afternoon, during planned maintenance that was not intended to interrupt service, an issue arose that took down a critical database cluster. This brought down our entire network while our engineers worked feverishly to restore these databases and bring your blogs back online.

Tumblr reassures us that the outage is not something they consider cool as par for the course:

While you might feel like you’ve gotten used to seeing errors on Tumblr recently, know that this is absolutely unacceptable to our team, and unacceptable for a platform determined to be the best place in the world for your creative expression.

Even adding:

Sorry we let you down today.

While the outage was inconvenient and threw a wrench in my daily browsing habits, for a totally free, gorgeously presented service, worse things could happen. Some bloggers have expressed diminished faith in Tumblr, but I’d hazard a guess that the outage isn’t indicative of ongoing problems with the service.

Regarding the Tumblr outage, u mad tho?