NCAA Questioned Johnny Manziel For 6 Hours

Investigators for the NCAA questioned Johnny Manziel for 6 hours on Sunday. The Texas A&M Heisman Trophy winner is facing allegations that he took money from memorabilia dealers in exchange for his autograph.

The questioning went down on the College Station, Texas campus, and it is still unclear if investigators were satisfied with Manziel’s answers to their questioning. Officials could choose to conduct further interviews with the redshirt sophomore or they could let him prepare for his teams season opener against Rice on Saturday.

Manziel’s attorney Jim Darnell is not responded to calls at this time.

Johnny Manziel is accused of taking money for autographs at several locations in South Florida around the time of the BCS National Championship game.

ESPN claims that Manziel signed more than 4,000 items including footballs and photographs at a Connecticut event in January.

If Manziel is suspended for any period of time it will be a blow to the Texas A&M program. Last year Manziel threw for 5,116 total yards alongside 47 touchdowns. His performance earned him the Heisman Trophy. Manziel is the first freshmen to win college football’s highest honor.

School officials at Texas A&M in the meantime have continued to stand beside their star quarterback. At this time, Manziel is still listed as the starting quarterback for Texas A&M’s opener against Rice.

Texas athletic director Eric Hyman had this to say in a public statement:

“The focus of our coaches and student-athletes is solely on preparing for Rice this Saturday. And in the best interests of Texas A&M and the 100-plus student-athletes on the team, I have instructed Coach Sumlin, his staff and our student-athletes to refrain from commenting on or answering questions regarding the status of our starting quarterback, Johnny Manziel.”

Do you think the NCAA has blown the Johnny Manziel autograph case way out of proportion? Should college players be able to earn money off their names just as the NCAA already does?