Jeff Tuel Claims QB1 Position For Buffalo Bills, Gets Wikipedia Page

For a lot of guys entering the NFL, just getting to the big game is an amazing achievement. For Jeff Tuel, he managed to land the starting quarterback job and his very own Wikipedia page on the same day.

The Buffalo Bills chose E.J. Manuel as their 16th overall pick in April’s draft and just ahead of that draft choice they acquired veteran QB Kevin Kolb.

Those picks means Jeff Tuel was likely going to sit or stand comfortably on the sideline and learn more about the pace and mechanics of playing in the NFL. Instead, injuries to both Manuel and Kolb have left the team’s 2013 season in Tuel’s hands.

E.J. Manuel is recovering from “minor” knee surgery but is unable to participate in any type of team activities. Team officials hope Manuel will recover by week,1 but it’s not looking promising. In the meantime the Bills have taken a proactive approach by signing Matt Lienart and trading for Thad Lewis.

While Jeff Tuel now has a backup squad of his own, many fans know nothing about the young QB.

Tuel played for four seasons at Washington State but lagged behind his competition. In fact, Tuel was never even invited to the NFL combine. Instead, Tuel posted his pro day video on YouTube.

Last year, Washington State won three games.

Winning three games might be a welcomed surprise for the Buffalo Bills as they place their hopes for the future on a young undraft quarterback who was thrust into the spotlight at the last moment.

While we would typically say a player has “arrived” when they receive a starting position in the NFL, this is the first time their “arrival” seems to be highlighted by a quickly thrown together Wikipedia page. With very little information on his page, it appears as if something was scrambling to give the young quarterback a bit of cultural relevance.