Julian Assange Senate Campaign Video Is So Awful It Will Break Your Heart [Video]

Julian Assange’s new video for his Senate campaign may be the most heart-breaking thing you’ll see all month. Hit that button if you’re prepared to be completely embarrassed for the Wikileaks founder who has been trapped for over a year in London’s Ecuadorian embassy.

As I previously reported for The Inquisitr, Julian Assange is running for a Senate seat in Victoria, Australia.

Some people have called him a nuisance candidate. But Assange insists that his worldwide team of operatives will help him keep his fingers on the pulse of what’s going on. He believes that if he’s elected, he’ll be able to serve.

But this awful spoof video makes the Julian Assange Senate campaign look less than serious.

Assange dons a blond mullet for some reason while he sings 1980s bloat-rock style music about something or other. It’s just pretty much beyond belief that someone talked him into doing this.

I don’t want to cue the sex without a rubber jokes but…if it’s really him, what was he thinking? Wait. Is that an out? I have to admit that I was hoping it wasn’t him.

So let’s look around.

The credit roll on YouTube includes this line: “Julian Assange as Julian Assange (really).”

The Age thinks it’s Assange. They said a Wikileaks spokesman explained the video as “a lot of fun.”

The Daily Mail agrees that it’s him. They said he must have gone stir crazy — an interpretation that I think a lot of people couldn’t help but agree with.

And the Wikileaks Twitter feed tweeted a link to a statement that confirms the Julian Assange parody video shoot took place recently in the Ecuadorian embassy itself.

Assange has a “cheeky” sense of humor, the Wikileaks statement explained.


Possibly I just don’t understand Australian humor. Julian Assange is an intelligent man, and he presumably has some reason to think people will go for this whackadoo campaign video.

Either that, or he’s gone completely bonkers from cabin fever.

If Victoria voters decide to make Julian Assange their next senator, this video hints that things could get strange.

[Julian Assange thumbnail photo credit: New Media Days via photopin cc]