‘Twilight Zone’ Movie Adds Another Writer

The upcoming Twilight Zone movie is getting a little help from another writer.

Now that Oblivion and TRON: Legacy director Joseph Kosinski has been tapped to bring the picture to fruition, many believed he would end up putting his own stamp on the project. In order to get the script up to snuff, Warner Bros. is bringing someone else in to give the script a new spin.

According to the folks at Screen Rant, the studio recently hired Aron Eli Coleite to provide Kosinski with a new version of the Twilight Zone movie. Instead of simply reworking the existing version, Warner Bros. wants to provide its director with a fresh storyline.

While many believed the movie would adhere to an anthology-style presentation, the new version of the screenplay is expected to follow a single storyline. Earlier reports suggested the film would incorporate several plots into the narrative, but this apparently is no longer the case.

Coleite isn’t the only writer who has tried to flesh out the script for this flick. Rand Ravich, Joby Harold, Anthony Peckham, and Jason Rothenberg were previously attached to the project at one point or another. Here’s hoping Coleite’s screenplay is good enough for the film to move forward.

Although Kosinski is expected to step behind the camera for the new Twilight Zone movie, he still hasn’t inked a deal with the folks at Warner Bros. The filmmaker and the studio haven’t reach an agreement as of this writing.

It’s still unclear what story the new flick will tackle. Previous rumors suggested something along the lines of time travel, though nothing about this plot has been confirmed by the studio. Since Warner is bringing in a new writer, chances are Coleite could cook up something entirely different.

It’s currently unknown when the studio hopes to have the Twilight Zone movie up and running. Are you looking forward to the latest big-screen version of the classic television series?