Justin Bieber Defended By Liam Payne In Twitter War With Paparazzi Site

Liam Payne defended Justin Bieber during a war of words with a paparazzi website on Sunday.

The argument took place before the singer attended MTV’s Video Music Awards with his One Direction band mates later that same evening.

Payne took offence when the Twitter account of StupidFamousPeople.com sent him two YouTube clips with captions suggesting he ignored his fans and behaved rudely to paparazzi.

One clip showed the teen heartthrob returning to his New York City hotel on Friday, August 23.

The tweet read:”(sic) Liam Payne gives the middle finger when returning to hotel in NY! (sic).”

The paparazzi Twitter account then posted a second YouTube clip to the 20-year-old captioned:

“(sic) Fan disses Liam Payne of One Direction: That’s why everyone likes Harry!”

The clip showed the pop star walking to a New York City diner with his family and a security guard on Saturday, hours after One Direction held a press conference at the Four Seasons hotel to talk up their new film, This Is Us.

During the stroll Payne appeared to ignore a group of female fans following. One girl even called out “Seriously?” when the singer went into the diner without stopping. Moments later he came out and posed for photos with the fans.

Among the series of tweets sent back and forth between Payne and the @stupidfamous account, the star blistered:

“as for @stupidfamous id rather be a stupidfamousperson than an ugly bald guy who follows teenagers with a camera, get a proper job you creep.”

The user at the paparazzi website responded: “Haha Twitter feud! @Real_Liam_Payne don’t hate bc you are turning into Justin Bieber.”

Replying, Liam wrote: “Personally I take that as a compliment he’s a very young and successful person,” before adding a dig about the user’s age and driving skills.

Not to be outdone, the paparazzi Twitter account wrote back: “Doesn’t surprise me that you would use paparazzi as a scapegoat because of your frustration over the new GF fandom hate.”

Stupid Famous People’s tweet was a reference to a barrage of hostile comments that were sent to Liam’s new girlfriend Sara Smith, the day after the couple took their romance public at the London premiere of 1D’s film last Tuesday.

The couple have known each other since childhood but a contingent of the notoriously devoted ID fan base reacted badly to the news. Payne later defended his girlfriend on Twitter the same night as the premiere.

One message read:”Always sad to get on here to read horrible stuff about someone you care about,” adding, “There is that old saying tho if you ain’t got s**t nice to say then f*** you, (sic).”

Liam tweeted a cryptic “#done” the next day which had left some fans wondering if he was considering leaving the social networking site.

Referring to his recent tough time online as a “complicated venture” there was no sign of a let up when One Direction were booed as they collected their Best Song of the Summer award for “Best Song Ever” at the VMAs last night.

The boys looked stunned to hear the boos particularly as it was a fan-voted award.

Some observers noted that of the over 8 million who voted for the boy band very few seemed to be at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center last night.

Onstage and backstage the boy band expressed thanks to the fans. They were also defended by Lady Gaga who opened the star-studded event and also appeared to have been booed, although some news reports claim it was part of her playback.

The Applause singer waited for 1D backstage and reportedly told them:”Don’t you dare let those people boo you.”

She added: “If I did hear what I heard out there, I just want to tell you that you deserve every bit of success that you have.”

“I want to leave right now. I don’t want to stay anymore because I don’t want to be in a room where people are booing.”

Louis is said to have responded to Lady Gaga, saying: “F*** it, f*** it.”

One Direction’s US premiere of This Is Us takes place tonight.

For their part, Stupid Famous People still seem keen to provoke Payne into a reaction, firing off a passive aggressive tweet to the singer today.


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