Julianna Margulies Facing Malicious Prosecution Lawsuit

Julianna Marguiles could face a malicious prosecution lawsuit as the heated legal battle with her ex-manager rages on.

The award-winning actress stands accused of withholding millions of dollars worth of fees and commissions from Steve Dontanville’s management firm. The suit is expected to head to trial within a matter of months.

Julianna Margulies’ former manager originally filed the lawsuit back in July of 2012. According to reports, the actress owed approximately $420,000 to D/F Management after they helped her score a deal with L’Oreal cosmetics and The Good Wife.

However, D/F Management’s lawyers revised the suit after the hit drama was sold into syndication. Since Margulies scored quite a bit of money from that deal, her former manager is looking to receive a cut of the cash.

In response to the lawsuit from the management firm, the actress filed a series of counterclaims. According to D/F’s lawyers, Marguiles’ lawsuits were a sign of bad faith. As a result, she is currently being threatened with a malicious prosecution lawsuit.

Lead attorney Mathew Rosengart also claims the actress sent a letter to her talent agent an email that stated D/F never worked on her behalf. Rosengart believes Marguiles may have attempted to “obstruct justice” by feeding her agent false information.

“Defendant Margulies later admitted that this assertion — which related to a material issue in this case — was simply not true. Indeed, whether it was sent as a result of avarice, a sense of entitlement or in an effort to influence the agent’s testimony, the email was highly improper,” he explained in a brief.

D/F Management can only move forward with the malicious prosecution lawsuit if Julianna Margulies loses her case. Rosengart will also have to prove that she had absolutely no basis for the counterclaims. Attorney Sheldon Eisenberg recently defended the firm’s allegations.

“There’s absolutely no factual basis for it, and if he had uttered those words outside of a courtroom context he would be sued for defamation,” Eisenberg explained.

Julianna Margulies will head to trial now that the court has denied her emergency appeal. A date has not been set as of this writing.

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