Edinburgh Fringe Comedian Accepts Proposal On Stage, Then Finishes Set

A comedian performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival was proposed to by her boyfriend half-way through her show.

Bec Hill was performing at the cultural event on Monday when she got an unexpected heckle from her boyfriend. Ms Hill had put a question to the audience, and was unaware that her boyfriend, Gavin Innes, was sitting at the back.

Mr Innes then decided to raise his hand before progressing to the front of the stage.

Ms Hill, who will soon be Mrs Innes, explained, “He proposed and then I nodded and cried. And then he said, ‘You have to finish the show now’.”

Mr Innes decided to make the proposal halfway through Hill’s performance of her stand-up show, Bec By Popular Demand, which left the comedian in a bit of a mess for the final stage of her show.

Hill continued, “I had 10 minutes left to do so I performed 10 minutes with tears streaming down my face.” Which, of course, was understandable.

Mr Innes clearly knows his beau’s show quite intimately, as he knew the perfect slot to squeeze in his proposal. Hill explained, “”I was doing the show and there’s a bit where I ask if anyone’s got a back-up plan for if someone tried to mug them, and I do a bit of audience banter.”

She then added, “This hand at the back went up and I saw this person stand up and I thought, ‘oh my gosh, some weirdo’s going to storm the stage’. They started walking toward the stage and they said ‘I’d propose.’ Then he came on stage and it was him.”

Elsewhere at the festival, Rob Auton’s joke was voted the funniest of the year by a public vote. Auton’s joke was, “I heard a rumor that Cadbury is bringing out an oriental chocolate bar. Could be a Chinese Wispa.” For those who don’t know, a Wispa is a British confectionary bar.

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