David Hasselhoff Sign Thefts Go Horribly Wrong, Critical Injury Results

A rash of David Hasselhoff sign thefts quickly became unfunny this week, with a store clerk seriously injured in what we imagine began as a prank.

The David Hasselhoff signs were being stolen in Connecticut, and the Hartford Courant reports that in the course of a theft, a 36-year-old man was injured, and that the “Cumberland Farms worker remains in critical condition” after the accident.

According to the paper, the Hasselhoff sign related shenanigans involved at least one 19-year-old, and that an SUV tried to get away with the promotional signage.

The Courant explains how the clerk was critically injured in the attempted David Hasselhoff sign-napping, reporting:

“According to police, a man got out of a sports utility vehicle and cut the two large signs off a light pole. The signs, which advertise iced coffee, have pictures of the actor and singer and have been targeted by prankster-thieves around the state and beyond.”

The paper says that the innocent clerk was dragged behind the SUV after he tried to stop the alleged sign theft, injuring his head in the process:

“The man put the signs in the back of the SUV, after which the employee approached and tried to get them back… The vehicle sped away and the worker was dragged, police said. He then spun around and flipped backwards, landing on his head.”

No arrests have yet been made in the David Hasselhoff theft gone awry, but police have spoken to one teen who was “involved” in the incident.

And while it may seem funny to steal David Hasselhoff’s Iced “Hoffee” signs, remember that even if you get away with it, some poor store clerk will probably get in trouble or fired, or worse.

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