Clooney The Irish Setter Wins The National Dog Show 2010

The traditional Thanksgiving Day National Dog Show 2010 has concluded for another year, with an Irish Setter taking the top prize.

Clooney (a.k.a. GCH. Windntide Mr. Sandman), a three-year-old Irish Setter originally from Washington wowed an estimated television audience of 18 million people with his finesse at the show.

The Irish Setter , also known as the Red Setter, is a setter, a breed of gun dog and family dog. The breed gets along well with children, other dogs but is an active breed, and requires long, daily walks and off-lead running in wide, open spaces.

Other National Dog Show 2010 results:

– Sporting Group: Clooney, male Irish Setter
– Hound Group: Hickory, 4-year-old female Scottish Deerhound
– Herding Group: Beyoncé, 3-year-old female Australian Shepherd
– Toy Group: Joe, 3-year-old male Affenpincher
– Working Group: Scarlett, 3-year-old female Boxer
– Terrier Group: Maddy, 2-year-old female American Staffordshire Terrier
– Non-Sporting Group: Johnny, 6-year-old male Schipperke

(img credit: Pawnation)