Olivia Munn Dislocates Shoulder Falling Off Swing, Posts Video Online [Video]

Olivia Munn dislocated her shoulder after she fell off a swing inside her house, and smashed down onto the ground.

Munn was swinging on the giant toy when the accident happened on Sunday evening. However, rather than being embarrassed by the incident she decided to show off her injury to her thousands of followers on Twitter.

The Newsroom actress was clearly enjoying her time on the swing, letting out a scream of laughter as she swayed from one side of the room to the other. To cherish the memory of the moment, Munn was being pushed by one friend while another filmed her.

However, her fun soon turned to pain when the string holding up the swing suddenly broke free and sent her hurtling down to the floor, where she landed on her shoulder.

Both of her pals can be seen immediately running towards their injured ally, and the man filming even lowers the camera down to hide her embarrassment.

He can heard shouting out the expletive, “Oh sh**!,” before he then tries to comfort her by remarking, “Oh babe.” Munn then confirms that she didn’t suffer a serious injury in the fall by remarking, “I want to laugh, but…” The camera then shuts off, and one can only presume that the actress was then taken to a hospital for treatment.

Munn then decided to post her video up onto Twitter account, @oliviamunn, by writing:

Recently, rumors began to circulate that Munn had been clashing with various members of the cast and crew on The Newsroom.

An insider told showbizspy.com, “Olivia acts like she runs the show. She bosses everyone around, whines about the scripts and tells the wardrobe staff they can’t do anything right. By the end of each shoot, people aren’t even speaking to her… if she keeps this up, she won’t be around for long.”

[Image via Twitter]