Olivia Munn Says She Wasn’t Very Popular In High School

Olivia Munn recently revealed that she didn’t have very many friends in high school.

Although the busy actress now has plenty of people lining up to be her BFF, Munn said she had a difficult time making friends when she was younger. Instead of eating with other students during lunch, the former Attack of the Show host would hang out with schools staffers.

“All the kids were cliqued up. I would end up eating with the old librarians,” she said during a recent interview with the folks at Esquire magazine.

Olivia Munn, who currently stars in Aaron Sorkin’s The Newsroom, said she wants to challenge the notion that women can’t be pretty, smart, and funny. According to the actress, people who think she can’t be all three are subscribing to an “antiquated idea.”

Munn revealed that she developed her own sense of humor after moving around a lot as a child. She said being funny helped her “break the ice” when meeting new people.

“In my life, I moved around a lot… you’re constantly the new kid, because you’re a military family. Oklahoma, Utah, Japan, different parts of Japan — and humor and being self-deprecating and sarcastic was the thing that could break ice in every situation,” she explained.

Olivia Munn is certainly no stranger to showing some skin on magazine covers. She previously posed for Maxim on two separate occasions. However, the actress said the second time around was to prove a very important point.

“I was on ‘The Daily Show’ and there was this website that wanted to criticize me, saying, ‘How could she be on the cover of Maxim and be on this smart show?’ So I did the cover of Maxim again. Because, you know what? Don’t you want for your own daughters to grow up and be smart and funny and beautiful and embrace their sexuality?” she said.

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