Bruce Jenner’s 87-Year-Old Mum And Kris In Family Feud

This season’s Keeping Up With The Kardashians revealed the fact that Kris seems to have a number of skeletons in her closet. One of these skeletons is that she doesn’t get along with Bruce Jenner’s mother very well at all.

In yesterday’s episode, it was revealed that Kris and Bruce’s mum, Ester Jenner, who lives in Idaho, have only actually met on just four occasions. When Bruce asked Kris if she’ll come with him to visit his mother for her 87th birthday celebration, she responded, “I’ll check my schedule.”

Kris then loses it a little and tells Bruce that she won’t fly to Idaho for the birthday visit as she wants to only be surrounded by positive energy and people that love her. She tells him that it’s clear his mother Ester doesn’t like her because, on the few occasions when they did meet, it was just uncomfortable.

Bruce Jenner is clearly upset at this point as he goes to seek some advice from Khloe Kardashian. Her advice is that he should try to explain to Kris just how important it is for him to go visit his mum on her birthday. Bruce then informs Kris that, instead of them going to Idaho, he will fly his mother to California.

It seems, sadly, that Kris just won’t let this one go and holds a serious grudge against Ester Jenner. It doesn’t interest Kris at all that seeing his mother on her birthday means so much to Bruce. When Ester arrives, she and Kris exchange cold stares but no words.

At dinner, a few words are finally exchanged, but they soon turn into an argument as Kris fights with Bruce’s mum. Things become so heated that Kris makes a lame excuse to leave the dinner party, stating she needs to go attend to Kim as she’s pregnant.

What do you think about the bad vibes between Bruce Jenner’s mum Ester and Kris? Do you think the two of them should grow up and just sort things out? Or does Kris have some good reason why she doesn’t like Ester? Let’s hear your thoughts in the comments feed below.

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