Georgia Top Football Prospect Dies After Breaking Neck During Scrimmage

DeAntre Turman, one of the top Georgia football prospects died tragically after breaking his neck during a preseason scrimmage.

The incident took place outside Atlanta, when the high school team that he played for was involved in a scrimmage and he went to tackle a player from the opposing team.

Several media sources reported that DeAntre “Tre Tre” Turman, College Park Creekside High star was injured while playing against Bannecker High.

The Fulton County medical examiner concluded Turman suffered a broken neck with a fracture to his third cervical vertebrae.

Relatives and other witnesses who saw the play said there was nothing out of the ordinary when the junior went to tackle the other player, until he didn’t get up from the ground.

Kenneth Turman, an uncle, told CBS Atlanta, “He tackled the guy. It was just a hard hit — a regular hit that he’s made 1,000 times.”

One of Creekside’s coaches shared more of the dramatic details about the play that claimed the life of the Georgia top football prospect,

“Tre broke on it, dislodged the ball and his body just went limp. He immediately just went limp and he was on the ground,” said coach Glenn Ford. “He ran over, but Turman wasn’t breathing.

“We were calling out his name, just trying to get him to come back to open his eyes up to move until the ambulance got there,” Ford said.

Georgia football player dies after breaking neck DeAntre Turman on left/Image via Twitter

Medical officials who came to attend Turman report that the player was having difficulty breathing on the field right after the play and was taken to a nearby hospital where he passed away hours later.

DeAntre Turman’s death leaves his family and high school football community in shock. He was a promising player who had received a scholarship from Kentucky and had gotten the attention of other Division I schools.

Now the Georgia top football prospect is being laid to rest and his fellow students are left to mourn his sudden death. Grief counselors were made available for those who needed them at Creekside High.

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