‘Thief’ ‘Uprising’ Trailer Hits [Video]

Thief just landed a new “Uprising” trailer.

Master thief Garrett is returning in a reboot to the original series, formerly known as Thief 4. After a long time away from The City, he returns to find a plague making its way through the community, and decides the rich are well off enough.

The intention is to keep the game centered on stealth as you sneak around and avoid getting into fights. Of course, fights have been made easier to escape due to complaints of the difficulty and practically imminent death in previous games, as previously reported by The Inquisitr. To aid in this, Garrett is being given a Focus ability which will slow things down and make the minor details more obvious. Of course, the blackjack to knock guards out cold will also help.

The Thief “Uprising” trailer begins with a sweeping view of The City as Garrett begins his monologue, “Freedom lies in the shadows, but what I desire lies in the light”

In explanation, we see people plainly wearing jewelry as it glitters in the light.

“The City’s changed. I’ve changed.”

Then we get a monologue from another character, presumably the captain of the guard or some other leader:

“We are nothing without the evolution of the strong and powerful. This city will not die with the old and the poor. This is no place for the weak who cling to the past. The time has come for a new future! One of industry and progress above all!”

As he says these things in the Thief “Uprising” trailer, we see Garrett sneaking around and preparing to steal things as he climbs up on rocky ledges and creeps along dark hallways.

Garrett speaks again, “Progress … taking jobs from the poor, padding the pockets of the rich … And they call me a thief. This city’s got troubles enough. Sickness roams the streets. Despair is everywhere. It cannot be contained by the walls that separate us.”

The rest of the video is above. What do you think of the Thief “Uprising” trailer? Are you excited to play the reboot of Thief when it hits the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, PS3, and PC on February 25, 2014?