The Walking Dead Deleted Scene: Zombie Lori!

A deleted scene for the tenth episode of season 3 of The Walking Dead, Home, shows the return of Lori Grimes (Sarah Wayne Callies) as a zombie.

In the episode, Rick (Andrew Lincoln), starts seeing Lori’s ghost outside the prison gate on a bridge. He runs outside the gate, leaving it open, and Lori cradles his face. Michonne (Danai Gurira) is watching from a distance, but only sees Rick interacting with himself.

He goes to Hershel (Scott Wilson) for help, who tells him that the group needs him as a leader more than ever. Glenn (Steven Yeun) has taken it upon himself to be the new leader with Rick losing his grip on reality and Daryl being away from the group, but Herschel says he isn’t up to it. Rick then confesses that he is seeing Lori, and that he knows it’s a hallucination. Against Herschel’s wishes, he goes back out into the woods.

In the deleted scene, Rick’s encounter with Lori is not as sweet as it was in the final cut. She reaches out to him and they embrace each other and kiss. However, when Rick pulls away, Lori becomes a zombie. He then runs away from the bridge as Michonne looks on.

The Walking Dead returns for its fourth season on October 13, the first under new showrunner Scott Gimple. Gimple has been a producer on the series since season two, and wrote several episodes in both seasons. He took over for previous showrunner Glen Mazzara, who replaced the original showrunner and creator, Frank Darabont.

The title of the first episode leaked online last month. The season premiere, which was written by Gimple, is titled 30 Days Without An Accident. While what the title is referring to is unclear — 30 days without a zombie attack? Governor attack? — executive producer Greg Nicotero promised that the episode would be filled with “great drama and great action.”

You can check out the deleted scene with Zombie Lori at Entertainment Weekly.

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