Dog Eats 16 Rocks, But He’ll Be Okay [Video]

Eden Prairie, MN – A dog who ate 16 rocks is expected to pull through despite eating two whole pounds of what is arguably the least-digestible non-food ever.

Gordon, a 7-year-old Golden retriever, required emergency surgery at BluePearl Veterinary Hospital on Wednesday of this week. Surgeon Dr. Jeff Yu managed to remove the stones from the pup’s stomach during a 2-hour procedure.

Dr. Yu found Gordon’s actions particularly curious, saying that when most dogs eat rocks they stop at one or two after figuring out that rocks are not food (though the dirt taste doesn’t seem to offend). Interestingly, at 7, Gordon is middle-aged. You’d think he’d know better by now.

The owner doesn’t know why his dog ate 16 rocks, and failed to make any puns about “getting more minerals in his diet” when asked by local news reporters.

Oh, here’s something gross. Yu said that you could hear the rocks shuffling and scraping against each other in Gordon’s stomach, too. “I opened up the abdomen and went into the stomach,” he said. “You could feel and hear the rocks moving around in there.”

Gordon was also extremely dehydrated because the rocks had completely filled his stomach. “Part of the reason it stopped eating is because it couldn’t fit anymore down there!” Yu said.

Happily, Gordon will make a full recovery, and has hopefully learned his lesson about rocks. You can watch a short video report about the story below, but tell us what you’d do if you discovered your dog ate 16 rocks in the comments below!