Child Gets Trapped Inside Claw Machine

An eager little boy who pined for the toy inside a claw machine decided that rather than actually paying a dollar to play the game, he would simply climb inside and try to pick it up.

The child scaled up the prize chute in an attempt to get his prize, however when he got inside he soon realised that he was now pretty much stuck inside until a member of staff decided to rescue him.

His mother was, as you can imagine, far from impressed with his efforts, and decided to berate her child all while a huge crowd gathered around the boy and his new home and recorded his antics.

Staff from the bowling alley where they incident took place soon arrived to pull him out of the claw machine, but as soon as they opened up the door, the mother grabbed her child, pulled him away and began to shout at her son.

The crowd around the child couldn’t help but laugh at his predicament, and the anonymous boy reacted by performing to his audience, picking up toys, inflatable balls, and other prizes that surrounded him and then throwing them in the air.

His mother can be heard exclaiming, “don’t move,” while another customer even states, “leave him alone.” When the child is finally able to exit the claw machine, she puts him over her shoulder and immediately declares that he is now banned from the bowling alley.

Youtube user Spinolio witnessed the entire ordeal, and made the honorable decision to record the entire incident, and then uploaded it to Youtube.

Various internet users have since criticised the mother for failing to control her child, who was apparently allowed to roam free around the bowling alley’s arcade despite his infancy.

Where’s the most precarious place that you have been trapped?