One Direction’s Liam Payne Worries About Slash Fangirl Suicides After Latest Twitter Death Hoax

One Direction’s Liam Payne sent several tweets supporting the boyband’s fans in the wake of an unpopular British TV documentary on Channel 4 called Crazy About One Direction. After it aired last night, a rumor went wild on Twitter with the hashtag #RIPLarryShippers that 14 One Direction fans had committed suicide after watching the show.

At one point, there were hundreds if not thousands of tweets about the One Direction fangirl mass suicides.

Larry Shippers is the nickname for One Direction fans who write slash fiction or otherwise create fantasies about a sexual relationship between Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson — evidently the two members of the band the fangirls would most like to see together in a gay sex video.

According to UK media sources, One Direction fans felt the documentary shamed them and portrayed them as crazy.

Larry Shippers are not particularly popular. But if they’re like other slash fans, they know perfectly well that they’re making up these fantasies for fun.

But the program made them look stupid. And teen fangirls are all sensitive and all. So the next thing you know, the suicide rumors are running wild.

After getting like 900 tweets that 14 Larry Shippers killed themselves, I looked around briefly. But I found no proof and shrugged it off.

By this morning, the number had soared. Some tweets said that 42 or even more Larry Shippers had now committed suicide. Much more of this, and we’d have another Jonestown on our hands. So I suppose I must get out there and take a baseball bat to another Twitter hoax.

At least one member of One Direction was aware of the rumors. Liam Payne spoke out, saying he wasn’t sure what was going on and he hoped that the rumors weren’t true.

But he reminded the fans that the band stands behind them and not behind Channel 4. “We couldn’t give a f*** what any documentary says.”

Here’s Liam Payne’s concerned string of tweets left after the rumors of multiple suicides exploded on Twitter:

Most fans now know the Larry Shippers suicide rumors are bogus. But they still appreciate Payne’s kindness. A new hashtag #ThankYouLiam has trended:

Liam is literally the sweetest person alive. He is so perfect i can’t thank him enough :’) #ThankYouLiam

— #ThankYouLiam (@Liams_Lil_Bro) August 16, 2013

I still think it would be nice if Harry Styles or Louis Tomlinson said something. But maybe it’s easier for Liam Payne, since the fangirls are letting him keep his pants on.

Anyway, at some point perhaps something will trend on Twitter besides One Direction hoaxes and rumors. But I’m not holding my breath that it will happen before their new One Direction: This Is Us movie premieres in a few days.

By now One Direction’s Liam Payne probably knows that no weirdo Larry Shipper fangirls died in the making of this Twitter slash fiction suicide hoax. But he’s still a nice guy for caring.

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