Bush Rodeo Mask Incident Outrage Not Justified

Conservatives are jumping at the ability to show the “hypocrisy” surrounding a rodeo clown wearing an Obama mask by providing another incident. In 1994, a rodeo clown set up a stick and put a mask of George H.W Bush on it. But, there was no one in the US complaining because of that incident, so why do they care about the Obama mask?

Well, here are some simple facts. The Obama Mask incident involved someone wearing an Obama mask and becoming the center of attention as well as inciting hate against the President, in no way was that similar to what happened in 1994.

Also, in 1994, the ability for a story to spread like this one was far lower simply because there were not a million small blogs sharing around the picture of someone wearing an Obama mask at a rodeo.

Even if the 1994 story spread as much as this one, it is completely different. The Bush rodeo mask event was not an act of racism against white people and the only way that the story could have been the same is if the event included only black people and had them put on a Bush mask prior to getting hit by a bull.

Guess what, that is not what happened. The Bush rodeo incident was a complete joke meant to bring out some laughter and the same people that laughed would have sat down and been happy to meet George H.W Bush. Whereas the Obama mask was used to incite what some have referred to as a KKK rally mentality filled with nothing but racism.

Comparing the two events is a cheap way out to try and hate on a black person and as we know, there are quite a few republicans that do not like Obama because of his race.

Anyways, when did watching someone dressed like a president get run over by a bull become “fun”?