Rebecca Ferguson Talks About Fighting For ‘The White Queen’

The White Queen is Starz’s newest 10-part period drama and its main star, Rebecca Ferguson is talking about fighting for the role of Queen Elizabeth.

The miniseries is based on the book The Cousins War by Philippa Gregory and explores the influence of women in the fight for power during the 15th century in England.

In an exclusive interview with Collider, Ferguson relates that she is so happy to have been selected to play the role as she considers herself a “nobody”.

She states that it’s interesting to play these roles who people don’t know enough about.

Ferguson explains she really felt she had to fight for this role, since she was only given a side and had never had a casting in England before.

“I had just started collaboration with an agent in London, and they called me and said, “We have this thing. Do you want to fly over and meet the casting directors? Instead of always putting yourself on tape, do you want to fly over and meet them?” I said, “God, yeah, of course! I’ll do that. Any reason to come to London!”

She says the first meeting was a “chemistry” test as she walked into the room to see Max Irons (The Host, Red Riding Hood), who plays King Edward IV, and the producers. After that, Ferguson says she was called four times.

Rebecca says she felt the chemistry with Irons from the start, she describes it as “a safe environment”, for her it just worked from day one with the “intelligent, smart, tall, and handsome” Irons.

The actress explains that it was between her and another girl from America, but she doesn’t want to know who it is. When her agent finally called her she was thrilled. “I really wanted this.” she added.

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The White Queen, with Rebecca Ferguson as Queen Elizabeth airs on Saturday nights on Starz.