Albino Alligator Acupuncture Demostrated In New Video [Video]

How about an albino alligator getting acupuncture to treat his bad back? C’mon. That isn’t a video you’re going to see every day. So hit that button and check it out.

As you can see, the cute young albino alligator lives at the Aquário De Sao Paulo in Brazil. Poor old Bino suffers from curvature of the spine. It does look painful.

But the alligator’s acupuncture treatment doesn’t look particularly delightful either.

This white alligator is not one of the leucistic (popularly miscalled albino) gators that came from the wild in Louisiana in the 1980s. He was bred in a Brazilian captive breeding facility.

And I have to confess that I suspect that some inbreeding was used to create the white color.

Bino’s back troubles are no joke. He isn’t just a tad hunchbacked, if hunchbacked is a term that can be applied to alligators. He also has some pain and restricted movement.

I didn’t know that alligators benefited from emotional support. But just in case the aquarium has Albie, Bino’s brother, at his side to help out.

The staff reports that the alligator acupuncture has been a big success.

Alligators grow slowly. You may think they are babies. But Albie and Bino have lived at the aquarium since 2007.

Some of the YouTube commenters seem skeptical that the treatment is working. But I don’t have any reason to doubt it.

Maybe Bino just gets a lift from being fussed over. Can alligators enjoy the placebo effect?

I figure the the staff is there on the spot. And they probably know what they’re seeing better than some self-proclaimed internet skeptics.

As long as nobody’s asking me to undergo any weirdo alternative treatments, they’re welcome to use whatever’s working.

What do you think about the albino alligator acupuncture?

[albino alligator thumbnail by photo credit: donjd2 via photopin cc]