Jennifer Aniston Has Moved On. . . Or Not

Not only is Jennifer still reliving her relationship drama (which may or may not be acceptable, depending on which camp you’re with), but she’s also back to talking about Friends! Oh, the agony: Jen hit the New York Times Magazine to talk about old stuff again, which is a healthy thing to do at this point under extreme scrutiny. Sure.

“There are times I don’t even remember that particular show. This is horrible to say, but there are times when I laugh my rear end off. And I get in debates with people who are over and say, ‘Friends’ is not my thing.’ Excuse you!”

Is Jen still dreaming about her heydey? Maybe dating John Mayer does that to you. What happened to her Marley & Me promotions? I think she should get back to those or just talk more about He’s Just Not That Into You, because I’d be happy with comments about anything post-2004.