Week 11 NFL Power Rankings

Kind of a weird week in the NFL. My gambling friend took a beating, I took a beating in my weekly predictions, and well it was a real mess. On top of all that my Detroit Lions lost their 25th road game in a row. Not good, but here are my weekly NFL power rankings for all of you:

  1. Falcons (+4 over last week)- No room for error with this team as two teams chase them
  2. Patriots (+4)- They took apart the Pittsburgh Steelers
  3. Ravens (-1)- Their 3 loses were all by 5 points or less
  4. Jets (+1)- 1st team to win back to back road OT games
  5. Packers (+3)- They can end the Vikings season this week
  6. Saints (+3)- They get Reggie Bush back fro the stretch run
  7. Colts (even)- Need to beat the Patriots for home field in the playoffs
  8. Steelers (-7)- Gave up 39 points to the Pats
  9. Eagles (+2)- Vick for MVP a real possibility
  10. Giants (-7)- made a lot of mistakes in Dallas loss
  11. Chargers (+1)- Getting over their rough start
  12. Buccaneers (+6)- Six wins is double their wins from 2009
  13. Raiders (+2)- First place, baby
  14. Dolphins (even)- QB issues are never good
  15. Titans (-5)- Vince Young needs to take control of this team
  16. Chiefs (even)- They are trending down as they have lost 4 of 6
  17. Bears (+5)- Get Miami, then 10 days off
  18. Browns (+3)- Who wants to play them right now?
  19. Jaguars (+4)- Just one game back
  20. Texans (-7)- Playing like a team that everyone wants next
  21. Redskins (-2)- I am very unsure of where this team is headed
  22. Vikings (-5)- They are 3-6, playoffs are a long shot
  23. 49ers (+2)- Troy Smith seems to be the man
  24. Rams (-4)- They are up and down as usual
  25. Seahawks (-1)- They have to keep Hasselbeck healthy
  26. Cardinals (+2)- Sure they are also rans, but do have 3 wins
  27. Bengals (-1)- Such a disappointment
  28. Broncos (+1)- They continue to purge high round draft picks
  29. Cowboys (+1)- A win, and now the Lions at home life is sweet
  30. Lions (-3)- Have won five games in last 3 full calendar years
  31. Bills (+1)- Not facing the specter of 0-16 anymore
  32. Panthers (-1)- They have no hope