Korean teen murders mother, hangs himself over ‘Internet games’

Sorry to turn on the sad, but here’s a tragic reminder that, while we gamers may spend a lot of time defending our hobby against misguided accusations, a minority of people really shouldn’t be playing so intensively.

Associated Press reports that a 15-year-old boy in Busan, South Korea, has committed suicide after strangling his mother to death during an argument over ‘Internet games’. South Korean police official Jung Yo-il has revealed that the boy hung himself after killing his mother, who accused her son of playing games for too long.

The boy’s younger sister, who my heart truly bleeds for, later said her brother had been playing violent games “for the past two to three years.”

South Korea is possibly the most connected nation in the world, with over 90 per cent of homes having broadband Internet access. The result is a population with an estimated 2 million Internet addicts.

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[Via Yahoo! News]