Boy murders his brother over PlayStation 3 argument

A truly tragic story from Chile today, where a 16-year-old boy has stabbed his own brother to death during an argument over a PlayStation 3.

It’s harrowing stuff, but what gets me is the nature of the dispute. The 18-year-old victim did nothing more than switch the console on, prompting his sibling to obtain a knife from the kitchen and stab his own brother to death. Sometimes, words are not enough.

Police later revealed that the murderer admitted things had “got out of control.” Well, er, that’s one way of putting it. The cops also said the brothers had been abandoned by their mother and lived in care for a decade, before being taken in by a Belgian woman. Sad, sad, sad.

If found guilty, the boy could be looking at five years in prison, where I imagine someone touching his PS3 will be the least of his worries.

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