SoundCloud Teams Up With Google+ For Embedded Posts

Did you just save a cool track to SoundCloud but want to share it with all of your circles on Google+? Well now you can, as SoundCloud, the music sharing service, just announced that it will let users distribute their content to Google+ by way of embedding.

According to the announcement made on Monday through SoundCloud’s google blog post, when a user shares a track, the option will pop up to share the URL to your Google circles.

This is the first time SoundCloud has integrated with Google+. For Google+ this is also a first, as a Google spokesperson revealed that SoundCloud is the first third-party developer with audio plug-in that the company has teamed up with.

For those not familiar with SoundCloud, it’s a website that helps an artist upload and share his or her music creations. Over the years mainstream artists have gravitated towards the service, included Snoop Lion and Pearl Jam.

Many people outside of the music world have used SoundCloud too. Ashton Kutcher revealed that he uploaded hours of Steve Jobs’ speeches as he was preparing to take on the role of the Apple co-founder. Politicians like President Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg used the site to upload their speeches as well.

For Google+, whose competition is Facebook, this is a fantastic business move. They’ll need several partnerships to make the service appealing to users as Facebook has done.

Google+ is quickly adding to its users. The site reported that 500 million members were a part of Google+ as of December. So far the site has said that it has more than 190 million users that use the service on a daily basis, and 390 million monthly users. This is all according to a Google spokesperson.

Gearing up for the big announcement, SoundCloud got its top artists to embed to their Google+ profiles. Do you think this will catch on?