Google+ Cheat Sheet. Learn Some Simple Yet Effective Navigation Tips [Infographic]

Google has attempted to streamline the Google+ social network as much as humanly possibly, and, while its simple user interface might be okay for occasional users, the system actually offers some nice shortcuts that can benefit early adopters and power users looking for quicker ways to utilize the power of the Google+ social network.

Thanks to a set of specific keyboard tricks, users can browse Google+ much faster, thus communicating more effectively with the social networks 100 million members while saving time and avoiding carpel tunnel syndrome.

While some features such as using the “Q” key to move to a chat window are fairly well known, the infographic-based cheat sheet goes further, for example, showing users how to use the circles feature to select who sees your posts and how to resize a chat box and even see what your profile looks to someone else.

The Google+ shortcut information was compiled by Eric Welke of Checkmate Marketing Group LLC.

From popular hot keys to clickable areas on the Google+ network, the Google+ cheat sheet is great for new users or people looking to refresh themselves regarding some basic shortcut options.

As a semi-regular user of Google+, I will admit I didn’t realize I could “lock a post” by using a simple exclusion option.

My favorite tip? The stylized post bubble at the very top of the cheat sheet.

Take a look at Eric’s work and let us know what you think:

Did you learn any new tips from the Google+ shortcut cheat sheet?

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