Richard Seymour trade doesn’t look so dumb anymore

I guess this one is for all those Oakland Raiders fans out there. They are without a doubt they most excitable group of fans I have ever had to deal with. Luckily I write online and most Philadelphia Eagles fans are too drunk to remember to go online and bitch me out. With that being said it is time for me to back off on my Al Davis is done commentary. I openly criticized him and his team when they traded for Seymour, and that looks to be in error. Somehow Head Coach Tom Cable has got this team on a winning streak, and good old Mr. Al keeps finding new ways to just win, baby.

Of course this trade did cost the Raiders a first round pick in the coming NFL draft and that is a heavy price to pay. The Raiders are winning, but every NFL team always need an injection of young talent. However, Seymour has been a force against the run, he has racked up 5 sacks, and while all of that is good, he also seems to be playing mentor to some of the young Raiders. Guys like Rolando McClain who have the potential to be very good for quite awhile.

Of course Seymour is not on a long term deal, and he may just be playing this well because it is a contract year. While that may be true, it was also true last season when Seymour just didn’t produce for his new team. What we know now is Seymour is a big reason for the Raiders mid season turn around, and Davis may just want to keep him around for awhile.

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