Justin Bieber Gets Naked, Plays Guitar

Justin Bieber doesn’t play the guitar naked often but when he does, it’s for his grandma.

Yep, the singer apparently thought it would be funny put on a naked concert for his grandma during Thanksgiving in 2012.

It isn’t exactly clear how the naked concert came about but TMZ reports that the singer woke up a little late while staying at his Grandma’s house. The singer heard his family eating breakfast and thought that it would be funny to barge into the room naked and play some music.

Bieber reportedly stood naked in the kitchen and sang a made up version of “I love you grandma.”

The Bieber family apparently found it pretty funny. Well, everyone except grandma, who urged the singer to go put on some clothes before joining them for breakfast.

It’s unclear who leaked Justin Bieber’s naked private photos but they certainly aren’t private anymore. TMZ published the photos this morning and they quickly got shared on Twitter.

One photos shows Bieber standing with his guitar covering and naked bits while other shows full-on Bieber butt. Here’s one of the photos from TMZ.

Have you ever pulled a prank on your grandma? Did it involve nudity and a guitar?