NFL Week Ten Power Rankings

I think the biggest shock from week nine was the Cleveland Browns over the New England Patriots. Even though my Detroit Lions played a decent game, they still went down like we expected them to. With that being said here are my NFL power rankings for week ten:

  1. Steelers (+1 over last week)- Now they get the Patriots and a chance to prove they are the team to beat
  2. Ravens (+1)- 10 days off them Atlanta got to love that
  3. Giants (+4)- playing like the team that won a super bowl
  4. Falcons (+2)- Ryan is 17-1 as their starter
  5. Jets (even)- beat the Lions, but almost didn’t beat the Lions
  6. Patriots (-5)- They got to shake off the loss to the Browns
  7. Colts (-3)- they must find a way to balance the offense
  8. Packers (+2)- 20th in rushing but in first place in the NFC North
  9. Saints (-1)- they are 6-3, but injuries are a concern
  10. Titans (-1)- Can they survive Moss?
  11. Eagles (+2)- Vick is back
  12. Chargers ((+4)- we keep waiting for the wheels to come off this team
  13. Texans (-2)- last in the league in pass defense
  14. Dolphins (even)- Henne out Pennington in
  15. Raiders (+8)- on a three game winning streak
  16. Chiefs (-4)- they have won 2 of 5
  17. Vikings (even)- slight shot at the post season
  18. Buccaneers (-3)- 5-3 is a solid record for them
  19. Redskins (even)- there is trouble for this team
  20. Rams (even)- somehow they are still in first place
  21. Browns (+4)- Colt McCoy is the man, so is Peyton Hillis
  22. Bears (-1)- 2-6 and everyone is about to get fired
  23. Jaguars (-5)- up and down every week
  24. Seahawks (-2)- Whitehurst trade, may have been a mistake
  25. 49ers (+3)- starting to show some signs of life
  26. Bengals (even)- the implosion has begun
  27. Lions (-3)- Stafford is injury prone and they owe him a ton of money
  28. Cardinals (-3)- They make big plays, but the offense is awful
  29. Broncos (even)- on a four game losing streak
  30. Cowboys (even)- They got their coach fired
  31. Panthers (even)- Matt Moore is injured, but it really doesn’t matter
  32. Bills (even)- they might actually win a game this week
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