Barry Switzer: Superbowl Coach Saves Puppy From Hot Car, Awww

Superbowl winning Cowboys coach Barry Switzer is still a hero at age 75. The former University of Oklahoma head coach rescued an adorable Rottweiler puppy from a hot car in Norman, Oklahoma on Wednesday.

And now he has already found the dog a new home with a couple who lost everything in the Moore, Oklahoma tornado.

Local station KFOR posted the touching story with a gallery of photos of Coach Barry Switzer and the puppy he rescued. You can check out one of them in the tweet down below.


Switzer said that the puppy was trapped in a hot van. Yes, the windows were cracked, but the temperatures were still soaring.

Apparently, some people still haven’t got the memo about leaving dogs in hot cars. Folks, dogs can’t sweat. And even if you leave the windows cracked, in summer a parked car can heat to killing temperatures in less than an hour.

Here’s a vet’s heat test video demonstrating how hot a car with windows cracked gets in just 30 minutes.

And there have been multiple incidents of kids getting locked, forgotten, or trapped in cars and then dying in this summer’s heat. On one fatal Friday, two babies in the eastern United States died that way on the same day.

In another sad incident, a D. C. boy suffering from autism apparently wandered off and hid in a parked vehicle. He too died.

So there’s no real doubt that the puppy Switzer rescued was genuinely at risk.

He watched over the puppy to make sure she was OK and then bought her from the owners when they returned to the van. He took her in for a complete vet check including shots.

Calling the puppy a beautiful dog, Barry Switzer even sent her to the doggy spa complete with pedicure before placing her with her new family.

[Rottweiler puppy photo credit: TheRogue via photopin cc]