Expendables 3 Adds Mel Gibson, Antonio Banderas [Confirmed]

According to Sylvester Stallone’s reps, those rumors about Mel Gibson joining Expendables 3 are true, true, true.

Both Gibson and actor Antonio Banderas have long been rumored for roles in Stallone’s high-octane trilogy bookend, but they’re further from “rumor” and closer to “casting call” at this point, according to representatives for Sly.

It looks like Gibson is indeed attached as the villain in Expendables 3. As for Banderas, there aren’t really any details about who he might be playing, or what side of the Expendables team he’ll be on. Still, his reps say that he has been offered a part, and Entertainment Weekly reports that he has already signed on.

Stallone worked with Banderas in the 1995 film Assassins.

“He is a consummate actor and a gentleman,” Stallone said of Banderas in a statement to The Huffington Post.

In other Expendables 3 news, Harrison Ford has reportedly been brought on to replace Bruce Willis as the enigmatic “Mr. Church,” in role if not in character. His name appeared on the call sheet this week, but Lionsgate bosses say we shouldn’t count Willis out just yet.

In any case, Gibson might have cut out a new career for himself as a villain. Still reeling from various scandals stemming from alcohol abuse dating back to 2006, he has failed to make a meaningful comeback thus far.

But in addition to Expendables 3, he has another major villain role lined up in Machete Kills. Banderas also plays a bad guy in the upcoming film. You can watch the trailer below.

What do you think of Mel Gibson playing the villain in Expendables 3?

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