Google And Motorola Hard At Work On Nexus 5 Smartphone

Google is leveraging its Motorola Mobility acquisition in order to create the next Google Nexus 5 smartphone, according to a new report.

The rumor was posted on Google+ by Taylor Wimberly, the very same person who gave a spot on leak account of the Moto X Phone.

Wimberly says Google and Motorola are already hard at work on the device and will release it for sale in Q4 2013. He also states that the device will not be a re-hashed version of the Moto X Phone.

Wimberly doesn’t have any specific device specs to offer at this time.

Rumors have circulated for some time now about a cheaper but capable Google X phone being released for the masses. Perhaps the Google and Motorola joint effort will finally provide that device for consumers.

Google through its Nexus 4 and Nexus 7 smartphones has already proven that customers are willing to purchase unlocked smartphones that are also affordable. Those devices are sold directly through the Google Play Store.

What we know so far is that LG Electronics will not be producing the Nexus 5. LG’s own CEO confirmed that its focus is no longer on helping Google sell company branded devices from the smartphone manufacturer.

Before LG produced a Google Nexus smartphone devices were created for the line by HTC and Samsung.

Do you think Motorola and Google can create an affordable but worthy smartphone that is worth purchase unlocked and off-contract?

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