‘Indefinite’ Olbermann suspension turns out to be two shows

If you got freaked out and joined a Facebook group to get Keith Olbermann his job back, you can chill out now- he’s back tomorrow after a four day, two show suspension.

Olbermann got publicly wrist slapped last week for unapproved donations he made to three Democratic party candidates in two states. MSNBC president Phil Griffin released a clipped statement at the time saying Olbermann had been suspended ‘indefinitely,’ which a new statement seems to indicate works out to be a very brief time. Says Griffin:

After several days of deliberation and discussion, I have determined that suspending Keith through and including Monday night’s program is an appropriate punishment for his violation of our policy. We look forward to having him back on the air Tuesday night.

Mediaite is quick to point out that the statement specifically indicates Olbermann is allowed to return to air Tuesday, not that he will definitely be hosting tomorrow’s Countdown. It is fairly likely, though, that MSNBC won’t be Olbermann-less for very long.