ScrewAttack ‘Death Battle’ Pits Ryu Hiyabusa Against Strider Hiryu [Video]

ScrewAttack Death Battle unleashes its latest fight! Ryu Hyabusa will fight Strider Hiryu!

ScrewAttack is known as the site that continued the career of the Angry Video Game Nerd (James Rolfe), but since he slowed his videos down, a new wave of nerd phenomena has taken over. The Death Battle takes the most notorious characters from similar situations in fiction and sees how they stack up against each other in a fight to the death, as narrated by Wiz and Boomstick.

The Inquisitr has already posted the ten best Death Battle videos, but the show has continued, and the latest grudge match is between classic video game ninjas. Ryu Hyabusa is the main character from the most successful ninja game series ever made, Ninja Gaiden. Strider Hiryu, on the other hand, has the whole game named after the school that trained him, and he pulls off stunts that defy gravity on a regular basis as he slashes everything in his path.

As always, the ScrewAttack Death Battle begins with a logical sizing up of both opponents to see what they’re capable of.

Ryu Hyabusa’s name literally means “dragon falcon.” Ryu is a product of Dragon lineage, training in the ways of the ninja from the moment he began to crawl. He exceeded the expectations of his clan, and as soon as he turned 18, he took down some of the most lethal opponents his clan had known. After all of that, he was given a mystical sword made of dragon fang, a weapon which will destroy anyone not strong enough to wield it. On the side, he draws power from his own strength to use powerful weapons and magic attacks, and even teleport.

Ryu Hyabusa

Strider Hiryu’s name literally means “flying dragon,” and was sent at a young age through Strider School, a training ground for high-tech mercenaries. Much like his opponent in this ScrewAttack Death Battle, he exceeded expectations, and became the youngest in history to become a Special-A Class Strider. He is practically the equivalent of an army, with his “ninja sense” and ability to dodge projectiles. His sword, much like Wolverine’s claws, can slice through pretty much anything. The technology at his disposal gives him super powers at any time. Despite retirement, Strider Hiryu has been reenacted multiple times to take on seemingly impossible missions.

Strider Hiryu

In the end, Strider Hiryu and his high-tech arsenal won due to Ryu’s sword and magic being no match for Strider’s speed and energy blade.

What do you think of the ScrewAttack Death Battle between Strider Hiryu and Ryu Hyabusa?