Zebra Escapes From Circus, Camouflage’s Itself With Traffic Lines

Have you ever wondered how a zebra could use its stripes to its advantage in an urban setting? Well, you’re in luck because an escaped zebra from a circus in Bitburg, Germany has answered that question.

According to German language news website Stuttgarter Zeitung, the zebra walked into the middle lane of a restricted street and stopped immediately on the stripped lines.

The paper jokes — at least I think it’s a joke, I don’t really understand German humor — that the zebra appeared to think the stripes would camouflage it from danger.

If you’re unaware of the purpose of a zebra’s stripes, they are used to confuse predators. When zebras roam in large packs, it can become hard to tell when one zebra ends and another begins. In this case, the zebra stuck out like a sore thumb.

Police arrived on the scene and directed traffic away from the circus animal until caretakers could arrive and bring it home.

According to local police, the zebra rescue “went smoothly,” and circus workers moved the animal along to their next shows in Eifel City.

No word from the Zebra at this time, but we hear its hiding somewhere on Abbey Road.

Do you think the zebra knew what it was doing?

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