‘Lost Girls’ Unsolved Mystery Could Have Future At Warner Bros.

Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery could be on the verge of finding a movie home at Warner Bros., according to a Tuesday report from Deadline.

The website initially reported that the deal was done, but later posted an update stating that the author’s reps had been in touch and that the initial report had jumped the gun.

Nevertheless, negotiations are underway, and if the deal does end up happening, we’ll be pretty stoked to see it develop. If you haven’t read author Robert Kolker’s prose concerning the serial killer case that is still officially under investigation, then you should get yourself to a New York Magazine immediately.

Kolker covered the case initially for the magazine, and has since penned the book Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery on which any potential film would be based.

The case first came to the attention of authorities when a young woman named Shannan Gilbert was reportedly seen running through the Long Island town of Oak Beach, screaming for help.

After the incident, she was never heard from again, and through the prodding of her mother, Mari Gilbert, police finally started to comb the wooded sandy roads for a trace of her whereabouts.

That search led to the discovery of four bodies, all young women in their twenties, who had been connected to escort services offered on Craigslist.

Shannan was not among them, but her remains were later discovered, though police do not believe her death is connected to the Long Island serial killer, who has racked up 10 victims that authorities know about.

A bit more on the actual case here:

Harper published Kolker’s book, and if the original Deadline report holds up, Kevin McCormick will produce along with David Kennedy (Dark Shadows). Nicholl Fellowship winner Michael Werwie would handle the script chores.

With the numerous advancements in criminal investigation technology, it’s a bit odd that the Long Island serial killer has managed to keep police off guard.

Kolker’s interpretation of the case could end up putting this case in Night Stalker and Boston Strangler territory before all is said and done, as far as capturing the imagination is concerned.

Will you be checking out Lost Girls: An Unsolved American Mystery?

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